Shopping Information
-COVID-19 pandemic effected global flights a lot so it might be easily delayed or stocked for average shipping and EMS service.
We'll suggest to chose DHL more because they are officially expedited carrier with own flights, nearly no effect during this pandemic.

-Due to Global fight reduction, Chunghwa Post only supported few country now so there will be some limited for Average & EMS delivery.
10/8 update :
If your country was not supported by Chunghwa Post, we will contact you once you place an order.

Paying :
1.PayPal is the only method we accept.
2.After you check out , we will send you an PayPal invoice as soon as possible.
3.Please make sure you select both "You pay" & "Recipient gets" to "USD" If you want to pay directly to our PayPal.
 *If you forgot to change those option , PayPal will exchange your Payment to TWD automatically and charged $7 fee per time.
 *We will inform you when the first time but will charge you $7 which PayPal charged if you still don't change the option and send TWD to us again. 

Shipping rules:
1.Most price included average int'l shipping fee. Expedited shipping (EMS/DHL) will charged extra $15.
2.You will get 5% more discount if you have more than 2 ❤ items in same order.
3.▲ items doesn't include shipping , we will charge you extra $12 if you only purchase ▲ item in your order.
4.Average shipping is too unsafe and untraceable in Australia and Canada so we only offer expedited shipping for these two region ,we will inform you and adjust your order if you are live in those two country and select average shipping.
5.please select "Middle and South America Region" if you are locate in Middle and South America, we will contact you for the delivery.

Preorder item :
1.When item is still preordering , Member price is the preorder price and Normal price will be the price when item become available.
2.Expedited shipping is for per time so we will charge you extra expedited fee if you want individual expedited shipping for your 
   multiple items in same order.

Membership :
1.Normal Class - Every registed menmber ; 10% off.
2.Cold Class - Member who purchase over $1000 on our site ; 15% off.
3.Platinum Class - Member who purchase over $3000 on our site ; 20% off.

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