Preordered and ETA information
When item is still pre-ordering ,Member price is the pre-order price and Normal price will be the price when item available.

We will ship every item whenever it's available but if you want to use EMS shipping ,we will charge you 15 usd extra fee every time we ship .

You can cancel the pre-order item before Original kits is still not purchase
but as long as the Original kits purchased ,we will not accept cancellation. 
Our production plans will base on the number of pre-order 
so item might be canceled if the order is not enough.

1.Available time
Our production schedule will depend on number of orders. So the time of arrival  will be different for each products and it is hard to define the exact arrival timing.
Sometimes we might cancel the ordered if there are not enough orders. In this case, we will send a notification and fully refund to all preordered customers.
After we get the original kits, we will start to arrange the production plan within 3 months.
(From now on, all of the new products will attach the evidence for making from the original kit)
When we start to manufacture the products, we will having a signal to clarify the arrive time on our website.

2.PVC Convert kit
These kind of products are convert from PVC, so we have to wait for official release .
Due to PVC products always have to wait about 2 to 3 quarters til it released, preorder for PVC converted kit will net to wait more than 1 year, please beware of it.

3. Reason of the prepaid
We needs your support and guarantee to support ours production.

4. Question of price
Most of our products are making from the original kit, not the second source. It leads the higher cost.
Sometimes we are the only one place having the original kit. We will not produce it if we cannot receive enough orders. And you will found this product is no longer in the market.
If you have any further question, please kindly using message board.
The message board do not lead the missing mail. (You can choose to leave the message in private or in public)

5. Time of response
Our offic our is 8:00AM~5:50PM GMT+8 , every Monday~ Friday
We might reply you late because of the jet lag , but we will do our best to reply within 24 hours.

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