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❤(In Stock)(W_1432)Tengen Toppa Yoko W Tank ($41)
Catalogue:Gk Mechanic / Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Product ID:W_1432(daibadi)
product memo:(Price$41)+(Shipping$15)=$56
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Ball Joint
Instruction manual

Unpainted and unassembled.
Recast by high quality resin.
Painting and assemble skill is required to complete this model.

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2021/03/27 07:12
  •  Ask product:❤(Preorder)(W_1432)Tengen Toppa Yoko W T
  • hello, so i bought this months ago and finally got time to sit down and paint it and clean it up only to find that none of the holes allow the joints to go in because they are too shallow also the antenna that goes into the hair doesn't fit, nor do any of the hair pieces in general fit one is actually missing the small knob that locks into the side head piece.

    I am not saying don't buy the model, but be prepared to do extra work like drilling new holes and using glue to hold the model together.
  •  Reply from shop2021/03/29 13:38
  • Hello^^
    yes, most resin kits need drilling and super glue to build.
    Especially in the articulated kit, you have to use super glue to adjust the tightness of joints with the kit.

    hope you have a nice day
    2020/11/01 04:39
  •  Ask product:❤(Preorder)(W_1432)Tengen Toppa Yoko W T
  • can i get the instruction for this
  •  Reply from shop2020/11/02 10:06
  • Hello^^
    I've checked our systems and I didn't saw your order record
    do you have any invoice # or PayPal record?

    hope you have a nice day
    2020/06/23 17:25
  •  Ask product:❤(Preorder)(W_1432) Tengen Toppa Yoko W
  • hello how long until this is in stock? thank you
  •  Reply from shop2020/06/23 18:11
  • Hello^^
    it should be restocked in a month after you order it.

    hope you have a nice day
    2019/11/25 04:08
    Private message, Member only
  •  Ask product:❤(Preorder)(W_1432) Tengen Toppa : Yoko
  • Hel******************************
    2019/03/07 01:25
  •  Ask product:❤(Preorder)(W_1432) Tengen Toppa : Yoko
  • hi.this item can still be ordered? and how long the order process is until the item is ready. and I from Indonesia do the shipping costs only $ 15?
  •  Reply from shop2019/03/07 10:16
  • Hello^^,
    yes, you can preorder now,
    it will be restocked around one month.

    Yes, the shipping is 15 USD to Indonesia.

    hope you have a nice day
    2018/05/04 16:43
  •  Ask product:❤(W_1432) Tengen Toppa : Yoko W Tank ($4
  • Is it solid when assembled? Like a playable articulated figure?
  •  Reply from shop2018/05/04 20:46
  • Hello^^,
    you have to adjust the fit of joint with part,
    it will decide if the kit is solid enough to play.

    hope you have a nice day
    2017/12/22 03:05
  •  Ask product:❤(W_1432) Tengen Toppa Yoko W Tank ($41)
  • Hello,

    If I were to buy multiple items along with this toy, would the total price include the cost of shipping for each item or just the largest item?
  •  Reply from shop2017/12/22 09:45
  • Hello^^,
    the total price includes the cost of shipping for each item,
    if you purchase over 2 ❤ item you will get 5% off for the whole order (along with membership discount).

    hope you have a nice day
    2017/09/12 04:30
  •  Ask product:❤(W_1432) Tengen Toppa Yoko W Tank ($41)
  • Do you know what colors are used in this please i wanna start putting it together and so i can buy other ones. plus i just got mine and im in love with the quality of the parts
  •  Reply from shop2017/09/12 18:12
  • Hello^^,
    because we don't know what kind of colors you used, like Gaia,GSI ,etc,
    we can't tell you what color you need.

    hope you have a nice day
    2016/04/29 15:12
  •  Ask product:❤(W_1432)Tengen Toppa Yoko W Tank__(Pric
  • Hi,

    I would like to ask the total payment for this model is Discount 10% OFF:$ 48, the currency is US$48? Or the other currency??

  •  Reply from shop2016/04/30 00:42
  • Hi,sunny
    The currency is usd, thank you

    2016/01/18 08:36
  •  Ask product:❤(W_1432)Tengen Toppa Yoko W Tank__(Pric
  • Hi this is my first getting a model and i was wondering if you guys also have the paint for this or is it already pre-painted so i just have to stick it together i really like how it looks and i really want to get it but this is my first time and i was wondering how it is.

    Thank you very much
  •  Reply from shop2016/01/18 11:38
  • Hello,
    very sorry we don't offer painting service
    and also we are not able to sell paint to oversea ,it needs a lot of paper and certificate(like MSDS)

    Have a nice day.

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