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❤(In Stock)(W_2135)1/7 Musubi Tendoji & Alessandra Susu ($78)
Catalogue:Gk Figure / Game Character
Product ID:W_2135
product memo:(Price$85)+(Shipping$18)=$103
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Pre-Cut Decal
Instruction manual

Unpainted and unassembled.
Recast by high quality resin.
Painting and assemble skill is required to complete this model.

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2017/04/20 05:43
  •  Ask product:❤(W_2135) Musubi Tendoji & Alessandra Su
  • Good evening!
    I know in the pre-order information section of your page it says it is hard to define a exact date for when production will begin, and I hate to bother asking, but do you guys have any clue when you will be getting this kit in? It doesn't have to be an exact month, just a guess. I'd just like to know because I was planning on making this kit for my friend's birthday, which is in January, and before ordering this kit I'd like to make sure that it'll be in production/stock hopefully before that time. Thank you very much for your time, and I look forward to a reply!
  •  Reply from shop2017/04/20 17:28
  • Hello^^,
    Maybe you can tell us which kits you want, it will more easy to tell you the produce time.
    Because if it is cast from PVC, it will be influenced by the correct release date.
    If it have been sold out and preorder, it will depends on the quantity of order.
    And if you don't care the Pre-Cut Decal, it can save a lot of time,
    because we usually cost a lot of time to wait the decal arrived.

    best regards

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