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❤(In Stock)(W_2957) 1/6 Bloodborne The Doll ($121)
Catalogue:Gk Figure / Game Character
Product ID:W_2957
product memo:(Price$121)+(Shipping$25)=$146
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scale -

Height -

Included -
Pre-cut Deacl
Instruction manual

Unpainted and unassembled.
Recast by high quality resin.
Painting and assemble skill is required to complete this model

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2020/12/21 06:59
  •  Ask product:❤(Preorder)(W_2957) 1/6 Bloodborne - The
  • Hello. Will this be available or it is cancelled? Thank you for your time.
  •  Reply from shop2020/12/21 17:14
  • Hello^^
    you can preorder it, we will arrange the production after you order it.

    hope you have a nice day
    2019/07/01 17:30
  •  Ask product:❤(Preorder)(W_2957) 1/6 Bloodborne - The
  • Hi, I like this figure, when it will be available? Thanks/
  •  Reply from shop2019/07/01 18:04
  • Hello^^
    it should be available in one month.

    hope you have a nice day
    2019/01/29 23:20
  •  Ask product:❤(Preorder)(W_2957) 1/6 Bloodborne - The
  • Wow, impressive if one can reproduce textile in resin to such an extent. I like the human face instead of the doll face, will you provide "human" hands as well? As far as humans go, a bit tall for 1/6th, more like the (very ice) figures of diskvision. When will this be available?
  •  Reply from shop2019/01/30 17:45
  • Hello^^,
    OK, we can provide the human hands.
    Because we have not received enough orders,
    we are not sure the date.

    hope you have a nice day

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