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❤(InStock) Wave 1/12 Movable Body Female Type, A Version (Plastic model)($25)
Catalogue:Plastic Model / Movable Body
Product ID:SR-022
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Wave 1/12 Movable Body Female Type, A Version

--- Movable body kit using PS resin easy to process! 
Please make original figures and accompany them with 1/12 scale models and figures!

-A variation item that adds real model head parts to the popular [1/12 scale movable body female type [Standard]] now on sale.
-[A version] can be assembled with flat type head and real model head of Bob cut (selectable type).
-Two kinds of hand parts are added to the clasp hand and the open hand parts, 
and the chest parts are supplied with smaller parts different from the [Standard] version.
-A design that balances proportions and movement in a small scale, 
and the material is PS and ABS resin that are easy to process, making it an ideal item for producing original figures.
-The possibilities are endless, from the production of the original figure to the companion of the 1/12 scale model figure.

-Plastic assembly kit (partially made of ABS)
-Adhesive-free snap fit type
-Molding color: Fresh

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