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▲ WAVE HT-386 HG Slide T Ruler($32)
Catalogue:Tools / Other Tools
Product ID:HT-386
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--T The ruler part slides in parallel!

- T Measurement tool whose ruler part slides parallel. 
It is convenient for assisting parallel cutting of plastic boards and engraving of parallel lines to model parts.
- The small size body excellent in handling is made of aluminum, 
balanced with light weight and strength balance.
- Scale of each part is made by laser engraving.
- It is easy to see and is difficult to disappear. 
It is possible to adjust the range where the T ruler slides at the position of the screw hole to fix the fixing screw.

[please note]
- Please use scale of this product as a guide.
- It may not be suitable for measurement requiring strict accuracy.
- For photographs for explanation, prototypes are used, 
and some specifications differ from actual products such as graduations.

- Product Material: Aluminum
- Body size (mm): About 100 × 50
Item Size/Weight : 18.4 x 7.5 x 2 cm / 76g

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