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(In Stock) Wave White Paint 6 Squares & Brush Rest Type($9)
Catalogue:Tools / Paint Support Tools
Product ID:OM-186
product memo:(Price$9)+(Shipping$10)=$19
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- It is made of white polypropylene, 
and the color tone at the time of color adjustment is easy to understand!
- It is strong in paint and solvent, it is convenient to use repeatedly.
- The attached special lid prevents mixing of dust effectively by covering it, 
and it can be used as a pallet even by itself.

- 6 sort separator with convenient toning and brush painting. 1 mass capacity: about 2 cc)
- Set a dent for brush holder in the center.

- Set contents: 1 body each for the main body and special lid
- Body size (diameter x height): Approximately 78 x 12 mm

Item Size/Weight : 16.4 x 9.8 x 2.2 cm / 47g

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