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(In Stock) Doyusha The Scraper SGOT! Steel Streaks Carving Cutter, for Plastic Model($22)
Catalogue:Tools / Cutters
Product ID:005408(鷹嘴刀)(刻線)
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-SGOT! Tool No. 4 [Scily Cutter] Finally, it is a dedicated tool for streak engraving.
-Is this for advanced users already? For modelers who want to go up a notch ...

-A new tool for plastic model fans. It can be used to deepen the strokes 
or to sculpt new streaks ... for use in streaking.
-A cutter part is attached to the back, so you can easily cut the parting line and so on.
-It is a good idea to have one in your hands for various scenes of plastic model work.

-Total length: 140 mm
-Material: 3CR13 stainless steel
-Heat treatment: quenching treatment

-Edge hardness: HRC 54 to 56Item Size/Weight : 19.3 x 7.4 x 1 cm / 29g

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