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▲(In Stock) Ultimate Joint Series Ball Shape Joint, Dark Gray($10)
Catalogue:Detail Improvement / Joints
Product ID:PPC-TN34 (2019.09/11 日版)
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[Axis light conversion joint]
-Several types of shaft sizes are recorded for each spherical joint, and it is possible to connect parts with different bearing sizes by selecting and assembling shaft diameters at both ends!
-Up to 4 sets can be made if, for example, a 6 mm ball (3 mm axis + 4 mm axis)!

[Can make hip joint! ]
-By combining a ball joint, a connecting ball, and a special shape runner, 
it is possible to produce a hip joint suitable for 1/12 figures!
-1/12 material compatible parts.

- set content:
・ 4 mm sphere 2 mm axis x 2 set, 4 mm sphere 3 mm axis x 2 set, 5 mm sphere 2.9 mm axis x 2 set, 
5 mm sphere 3 mm axis x 1 set, 6 mm sphere 2.9 mm axis x 2 set
-6 mm sphere 3 mm axis x 2 set, 6 mm sphere 4 mm axis x 2 set, ball joint 2.9 mm axis x 2 set, 
ball joint 4 mm axis x 2 set, ball for connection 5 mm sphere x 6 pieces, 
ball for connection 6 mm sphere x 2 pieces

-Optional parts included this time
-Parts for double joints: Double joints can be made by combining with 2 sets of 6 mm balls.

Item Size/Weight : 15.6 x 10 x 1 cm / 22g

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