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(In Stock)Wave HG Protractor($23)
Catalogue:Tools / Other Tools
Product ID:HT-381 (2019.11.07更新)
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- Marking and measuring tools useful to measure angles and cutouts.
- Marking of any angle and angle measurement, such as plastic or resin parts, to aid in the extraction work
It is a useful measurement tool. Degree board minutes, and each pole is marked with ticks, even as a straightedge pole
Available. Glare reduction processing is performed matte, body scale is easier to read.
The rod can be fixed by a lock nut.

- Material: Stainless Steel and Brass
- Minute degree plate: 1.25mm thickness 90mm × diameter
- Rod: 1.25mm Thickness 196mm × Length
- Body weight: 64g
- Degree angle measurement range: 0 to -180

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